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Confined Spaces - Why your business should never ignore a hazard!


There are many instances where hazards can occur when working in confined environments. It is important to always identify risks before undertaking any work in confined spaces. Failure to identify danger could result in an injury or death of a worker. 

Business operators should always follow regulations. If a worker is injured or dies while working on site then there are strict consequences. If a business is found to be negligent then larges fines and sentencing can be imposed.

It is important that any business that needs their staff to work in confined spaces ensure that workers are trained to be able to identify risks and learn the steps to work safely when on site. 

Access Unlimited provide a one day course is designed for people who are required to work in a confined space this could be either enclosed or partially enclosed. They may need to be in this confined space to carrying out work or perform inspections. 

The course covers the entry and exit procedures, assessment of associated risks and how to operate safely in a confined space and atmospheric monitoring. Work in confined spaces shall conform to relevant legislation and AS2865/2009, or its authorised update or replacement. 

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