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Access Unlimited believe that training is an investment that can not be overlooked. One of our regular customers shared a conversation with us recently, that we would like to share with you. 

It went something similar to this:

Manager A asks ‘What if we spend our money on training a staff member and then they decide to leave ?’ Manager B replies ‘What if we don’t and they stay?!’.

10 reasons why it is vital to train your staff.

  1. Keeps safety a first priority
    The mining and construction industries can be extremely hazardous thats why it important to ensure your workers are trained to use equipment correctly and follow the correct health and safety procedures.
  2. Helps your employees achieve their best.
    The correct training will ensure that your staff work to the best of their ability and be more efficient. Training enables your staff to work more productively. If someone knows what they are doing they will get a job done quicker than someone who doesn’t.
  3. Helps your company to adapt to change.
    The mining and constructions industries are constantly evolving with new technology, practices and legislation. Ongoing training will ensure that your business does not get left behind and that your staff are correctly accredited for their duties.
  4.  Improves staff engagement.
    Training can show your staff they are a valuable part of your business. This leads to staff retention and keeping the best workers within your company.
  5. Increases you employees skill set
    Training allows for workers to develop new transferable skills that can be utilised in different parts of your business.
  6. Increases customer satisfaction.
    Training leads to higher levels of customer service. When staff members are educated within their sector it reassures buyers they are dealing with a professional company.
  7. Builds internal relationships.
    Training can help strengthen relationships between staff members and helps improve communication.
  8. Helps adhere to specific regulations and workplace laws.
    Access Unlimited Training offers nationally accredited courses. Our training ensures that your workers have the correct skills required to work legally and efficiently.
  9. Makes your company more appealing to job seekers.
    Training will widen your companies recruitment opportunities and attract top talent. A company which invests in staff is more appealing to potential staff. Don’t let your competition get the best people!
  10. Makes your company more competitive.
    Training staff will ensure that your business is able to take advantage of new opportunities and developing markets.

Access Unlimited have a wide range of products, services and training for people who need to work at heights and in confined spaces. Access Unlimited are a registered training organisation who are able to offer world class training courses in our state of art training centre in Malaga, Perth. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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