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March Course Dates 2018

Access Unlimited Training - ​To book a course please ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ click here .  Courses are run subject to minimum number of 4 participants Address: 33 Action Road, Malaga, Western Australia 6090 ​Course ​Date ​Days ​Gas Test Atmospheres MSMWHS217 ​01 Mar 2018 This one day course is fully recognised by Rio Tinto Iron Ore and BHPBIO ​Con...
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Access Unlimited February 2018 Course Dates

Access Unlimited Training courses are able to be booked online on our website and take place at our state of the art training facility in Malaga. Book Online:   https://goo.gl/gSdrDd Access Unlimited February Course Dates:  ​ Gas Test Atmospheres MSMWHS217: 01 Feb 2018 1 Day Course Confined Space Entry RIIWHS202D: 01 Feb 2018 1 Day Course...
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Definition of ‘confined space’ within working environments.

A confined space is not always a small or narrow area. There are various environments where a person may require them to work or move in an area where the movements are restricted or where light is limited. Such situations may include working in tunnels/ shafts, roof areas, tanks, drain wells, pipes, chimneys, silos or underground sewers'. Risks as...
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Access Unlimited Training Centre - Why is situational and role play training important?

Access Unlimited provide hands-on instruction at their training centre in Malaga, Perth. The training centre allows participants to experience real life situations in a controlled and safe environment. Our courses help students learn what to expect in confined spaces and let them practice scenarios that may experience in a real-life working situati...
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Can confined space training be conducted on site?

The team at Access Unlimited are able to come to your workplace or site to provide your staff with effective on site training. This allows us to see what environment your staff will be going into and enables us to adjust our course to fit your particular needs.  We can also provide training on how to use different gas detectors, breathing appa...
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Confined Spaces - Why your business should never ignore a hazard!

There are many instances where hazards can occur when working in confined environments. It is important to always identify risks before undertaking any work in confined spaces. Failure to identify danger could result in an injury or death of a worker.  Business operators should always follow regulations. If a worker is injured or dies while wo...
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Have you considered turning your passion for adventure into a full time career path?

Working at Heights Training - Perth Training Courses For Career Development Are you a person who :  ​ enjoys a hands on job?  who likes adventure or action based activities?  who would  rather be outside than sitting behind a desk in an office job?   would like to earn a living from something you love doing?&...
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The main way to overcome fear and anxiety in Confined Spaces.

Access Unlimited provide a one day course for personnel who may need to work in confined or partly enclosed spaces.  One of the main ways to become familiar and less anxious about small spaces is Through "exposure". By training in a safe and controlled environment will help participants become familiar with smaller spaces. Humans have a unique...
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Course Spotlight - Industrial Rope Access Course


The Industrial Rope Access Training courses takes places over five days course size varies from six to eight people.

Access Unlimited will supply all of the equipment required to complete the course. Our world class training centre in Malaga is completly fitted out for participants to learn how to climb and perform rope access techniques on industrial structures.

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Access Unlimited Training Course - CTF Rebate


Durl.jpgon't forget to check weather you are eligible for a Construction Training Fund (CTF) rebate this could save you as much as 70% on our range of height safety and confined space courses.

Access Unlimited Training participates with the Construction and Training Fund (CTF), which is a non-profit organisation that offers a rebate to to eligible individuals and firms who's staff take part in training courses related to the building and construction industry.

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Do you have what it takes to be a rope access specialist?


Do you have what it takes to be a rope access specialist?

If you crave the idea of working a job that takes you out of an office environment and soaring to new heights, then there's no passing by a rope access specialist career. In a nut shell, rope access work is a way of using ropes to provide access to difficult to reach areas of a structure in order to enable a task to be performed.

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Access Unlimited believe that training is an investment that can not be overlooked. One of our regular customers shared a conversation with us recently, that we would like to share with you. 

It went something similar to this:

Manager A asks ‘What if we spend our money on training a staff member and then they decide to leave ?’ Manager B replies ‘What if we don’t and they stay?!’.

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PETZL Rope Access Products


Access Unlimited are proud are to be an approved supplier for PETZL rope access products. PETZL supply equipment for working at heights and rescue professionals.

We also provide full accredited training of these products. Access Unlimited offer courses that will help you use these tools in vertical and dark environments for work or leisure.

PETZL videos:

Please see below a list of videos that demonstrate the PETZL product range and background on the company.

Access the Inaccessible About Petzl - An Introduction to the company Where are Petzl products made? Harnesses, carabiners, helmets, headlamps... Height Training Courses

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When working on a mine site, workers can encounter all types of hazards including fire, flood, explosion, gas leaks, falls and collapse. Continued training in Workplace Safety and procedures is an essential requirement to ensure workers remain safe and that legislation is adhered to.

Access Unlimited have a wide range of courses that provide the core knowledge and qualifications required to work on mine sites.

Trainees will work through both theoretical and practical assessments that will lead to issue of required certification.

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USI Information

From 1 January 2015 each student will need a Unique Student Identifier (USI) to obtain their certificate or qualification from their registered training organisation, when studying nationally recognised training in Australia

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